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Araerker said...
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I am playing Blackshot, a MMOFPS published by Garena Games.
It's a nice game, with 4 game modes (Team Flag Match, Team Death Match, Search & Destroy and Bunker Defense) and 4 characters to chose.
But the game is having so much lag, 'cause the servers are located in Singapore (I think). When you find a room without lag is so nice!
Teamplay? It's rare to see it, unfortunately. ''/
You see (something like) a teamplay in the Search & Destroy Mode, 'cause you have to plant or disarm a bomb, so if don't have a good team is almos impossible to win.

Check out the oficial site: http://www.blackshotonline.com/

*Sorry my bad english* :P

P.S.: I play in the channel of "other servers" and the game don't tell where is the location of the server.

Blackshot (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date:
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so this is a FPS multi correct? mordern military tech, various classes to choose from (sniper heavy gunner) etc?

@wastelander75 Instead of classes you choose your char. Have 2 of each sex (Travis - Speed; Adam - Defense; Vanessa - Speed; Cathy - Defense).
Your char don't interfere in what weapon you'll use.
OBS: you rent your weapon, using the money of the game.
you mentioned lag. on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst) how bad would you say it gets or got and for how long?
@wastelander75 Huum... I'll vote in 9.
I my case, I just play in rooms with 6v6 (at max) or will get some problems (like the lag). But I believe it's just 'cause my internet sux. XD
hey don't feel bad, everyone's internet sux from time to time :P
@wastelander75 lol xD I don't see the time to get a better PC (and good internet). Then I'll buy L4D *--*
hey you're in good company with that game. I know a lot of the "ins" and "outs" of that one. Though I'm always learning more and more as I go.
@wastelander75 I don't have L4D, so I just play Killing Floor. Already played it?
Oww and if my father gimme a Xbox 360, I won't need a new PC... XD
Killing floor, no I'm afraid I've never heard of it before. And Hey, the xbox 360 just went down another 100 so, maybe asking your Dad now wouldn't be such a bad idea :P
@wastelander75 The problem is that I buy in Real (1 dolar = 1,78900158 reais). So I get the price and multiply by 2. XD
Do you know any good (and trustworthy) the sell Xbox 360 and send it do Brazil? ;P
hmm. if I had to list a few good places, there's


you could also try Ebay. though caveat emptor on that one. So far from the few times i've used it I've had good deals pop in for me.

those are two that come to mind offhand, might think of some more down the road.
@wastelander75 Ok. Thanks. dude. ^^/
@Araerker Shame that Outspark still hasn't released the Americas version. It's been almost a year since they had their betas. -_-
@Torinir Yeah =/
It wasn't created by garena. Just published.
@CyroMega Oh, right, thank you. o/
Btw, outspark decided to drop blackshot last week.
Kinda sucks. Glad I got the 360 days before that.
Working on getting Modern warfare 2
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